Control and Signal Processing

The importance of Control & Signal Processing in modern world cannot be over emphasized. Control Systems are seen at work in small and household appliances, large scale industrial plants, very sophisticated and complex autonomous aerospace systems and vehicles. Control system technology has thus driven the engineers to operate at peak of their performance without compromising system stability and integrity. The advent of high performance computers and microprocessors has opened up possibilities of design and realization of innovative and more effective control algorithms. It significantly increases capability and performance of control systems. Thus low cost quality products can be designed and realized by alleviating the need for expensive instrumentation and costly components.

Signal processing technique have numerous applications in various contemporary fields such as telecommunication, quantum computing, spectral imaging, video and image processing, sonars, biomedicine, computer vision and seismology. Innovative and powerful algorithms have been developed and implemented in real-time applications on configurable integrated circuits and high performance new generation computers.

The Control and Signal Processing track provides a platform for scientists, engineers and students from universities and industries around the world to presents their research work and innovative ideas to strengthen relations between academia and the industry. Papers of interest include those that describe theory, analytical techniques and latest technological developments.

Topics to be covered in this activity include, but not limited to:


  • Aerospace Systems Control
  • Nonlinear Systems and Control
  • Systems Identification and Adaptive Control
  • Optimization and Model predictive control
  • Variable Structure and Sliding Mode Control
  • Advanced Filtering Techniques
  • Multi-sensors Data Fusion
  • Fault Diagnostics, Detection and Isolation
  • Fault-Tolerant Control
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control of Autonomous Systems
  • Cooperative Guidance & Control of Autonomous Multi-Agents Formation
  • Artificial Intelligence in Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Hardware in the Loop Simulations of Autonomous Systems
  • Manufacturing Automation and Robotic control
  • Dynamic Modeling and Control of Aero Engines
  • Control of Renewable Power Generation Systems and Smart Grids
  • Process Control of Chemical and Biological Systems
  • Quantum Systems and Control

    Signal Processing

  • Computer Vision and Graphics
  • Statistical Methods and Learning Algorithms
  • Remote sensing
  • Big data and Image/ Audio / Text/ Analytics
  • Pattern Recognition, Bagging and Boosting Classifiers
  • Image Recognition and Tracking
  • Medical Imaging
  • DSP Related RTOS Issues
  • Multidimensional Signal Processing and Speech Recognition
  • Sensor Networks
  • Hyper spectral and Multi-Spectral Imaging
  • Robotic Perception
  • 3D Point Cloud Sensing and Processing
  • Video Processing and Compression
  • Algorithmic Implementation on FPGA/ ASIC/ Embedded Systems
  • Quantum Signal Processing
  • Signal Processing for Big Data
  • Statistical Learning
  • Applications of Machine Learning
Special Session on IC DESIGN: This session aims papers on advances in IC design and systems-on-chip.

Dates to Remember 2024

Full Length Submission - Deadline 15th April 2024
Notification of Paper Acceptance 15th June 2024
Participation Registration - Deadline 15th July 2024